Friday, January 9, 2009

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, 1964 in Monterey

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan performing at the Monterey County Fairgrounds on Sept. 4, 1964. According to a Herald article, Joan Baez was doing a benefit concert for Pioneer House, a new inter-racial, non-profit nursery school in Seaside. Bob Dylan was a special guest of Baez. The concert was on a Saturday night and raised about $5,000 for the school.


  1. My sister, who graduated from Carmel High that same year, attended that concert. This photo appeared in the Herald the next day, and my sister saved it, and she still has the original clipping to this day. I ordered a print from the Herald and framed it for my sister on her 60th birthday.

    In 1964 I was a student at Bay School, the "little red school house," in Carmel. Joan Baez was a neighbor of the school's founder, Rosa Doner. Joan Baez volunteered at the school from time to time. She taught me how to sing "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly" among other things.

  2. I attended the concert with a delightful girl from Santa Catalina School. She was a big Dylan fan, but I had only heard him on records. I told her that I thought he sounded like a cat being drawn through a wringer, an observation that did not please her.

    He mumbled his way through a few songs that night, giving a convincing imitation of Marlon Brando.

    A funny incident occurred while Joan was singing: the PA system went out. She was flummoxed for a moment and shouted, "What shall I do?" Someone shouted back: "Dance!" With a broad smile, she broke into a buck-and-wing, which earned her great applause and much affection.