Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cannery Row fire, 1967

Sunday, December 24, 1967 the old Carmel Canning Company on Cannery Row caught fire and burned for over four hours. The blaze which had over 65 firemen respond from Monterey, Seaside and Pacific Grove caused an estimated $250, 000. Fire and smoke billowed from the structure causing embers to fall on homes in New Monterey starting smaller fires. Fire Chief Clifford Hebrard said that it is his opinion “that the fire was set”
An arson investigation was to take place the next day.

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  1. Geeee I was only 10 years old then and living in Seattle, But now in Monterey, I never heard about this fire before till I read this !!
    Great info and pics you have here !!

    Just wondering if they ever figured out who set the fire....

    Thanks LaVern Williams...The Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Network