Friday, February 26, 2016

Stilwell Hall, Fort Ord

Stilwell Hall on May 1, 2002.  Stilwell Hall was a 52,000-square-foot building that stood on a precipice at the edge of the Monterey Bay on the west side of Highway 1 on Fort Ord property.
The building was constructed between November 1940 and September 1943 under the initiative of General Joseph W. Stilwell.  It served as a recreational facility for military members for just over fifty years before Fort Ord was closed in 1994.  Abandoned, Stilwell Hall fell into disrepair and was torn down in 2003 after severe coastal erosion threatened to cause the structure to collapse into the Monterey Bay.  Today the former site is the parking lot for the Fort Ord Dunes State Park.  (Vern Fisher - Monterey Herald)


  1. With the dance floor fully cleaned and polished, the Glenn Miller Band provided one ot the very last Big Band Dances at Stillwell after Ft. Ord closed. It was a beautiful facility even in its final days.

    1. Is there a list of entertainers who performed there?

  2. cool bldg. remember running pt around it 80 - 83 alfa 2nd 32 inf.private Padgette

  3. Remember Stilwell Hall. Graduation night from BCT in'68. Watching that hot blonde bikini dancer dancing to 'Susie Q'. Like it was yesterday.