Monday, January 26, 2009

Pietro Ferrante

On this post I need your help. This is a photo from the Herald's archive with the caption reading, Mr. & Mrs. Pietro Ferrante on Sept. 13, 1951 in Monterey. We all know that Pietro Ferrante was one of the pioneers in the commercial fishing industry in Monterey. He lived from 1867 to 1954. What I need to know is the name of his wife sitting next to him. Feel free to add your information to the comments section.


Vern Fisher
Monterey County Herald


  1. A Google search turned up an old Herald article from 2000, by Victoria Manley. It identified his wife as Rose.

    1. i am pietro ferrante's great grandson, and his wife's name was rose, and so was my grandmother's, who was the 5th daughter of 6 born to the couple.

  2. Oops, I posted too fast. I think that Rose was married to Paolo Cutino. Sorry to get your hopes up!

    But here's something someone posted on, his obituary from Herald archives that identifies his wife as Rosa.

  3. Sal Beeleci My Father Was a Fisherman had the New Roma. I asked Him If He Knew Her?

    I Found This on Google
    I Dont Know if its Accurate

  4. Sal "Belleci" Typo in My Last Name

  5. I found a entry in the book, "History of Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties, California" Her name was Rosina "Rose" Enea, I have not found her birth or death records, but she was born about 1875, in Italy. they had six girls, Susan, Mary, Frances, Angelia, Rose and Virginia.
    I discovered this on

  6. mike whitaker is right. she is my great great grandmother. her name is Rose Enea Ferrante.

  7. he is my great, great , great something or other. my mom always talks about cannery row.