Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Aerial of Seaside, 1967

A 1967 aerial photo looking north over Roberts Lake in Seaside and Canyon Del Rey Blvd., prior to Highway 1 and the Monterey Beach Hotel being constructed.


  1. I Thought the FREEWAY was Built Late 60's Either 1968 or 69?
    Don't You have an Aerial View of The Same Location After the Freeway was Constructed?
    How about Putting a Before & After Photo of that Location in the Paper. Some People May Not Know Where the Freeway Goes

  2. If you click the photo you can see a high resolution version. In that you can clearly see where the Canyon Del Rey interchange was being constructed. Looks like the southbound overpass is almost complete, and pilings for the northbound overpass are in place. It appears that the on/off ramps have been graded, but are still just sand. If you look closely at the lower left corner you can see how the dunes have been graded for the freeway and the Del Monte Avenue exit.

  3. Was this Built before The Environmentalist was created?
    Now They Will Not Let any thing built by the Ocean

  4. windo53, the Monterey Freeway was built long before there was a Coastal Commission, if that's what you're wondering. But the freeway we got was largely influenced by local environmentalists. The routing that state Highway engineers wanted was to run the freeway right through the middle of Monterey on the original Highway 1 alignment, which was Munras Avenue and Fremont. A triple-decker interchange was planned over the southeast corner of Lake El Estero. The Herald played a major role in defeating this abomination, and forced the state to redeisign the freeway in its current configuration. So you can thank 1960s environmentalists for keeping the freeway out of downtown Monterey.