Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monterey Pop meetings, May 1967

Monterey Mayor Minnie Coyle and John Phillips, co-producer of the Monterey Pop Festival, at the Pop Festival hearings at the Mark Thomas Inn in Monterey, May 15, 1967. Phillips delivered his proposal for the three day festival to be held at the Monterey Fairgrounds on June 16, 17, 18, 1967.
(Photo: © Monterey County Herald, May 15, 1967)

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  1. Mayor Coyle wanted to be involved in the Monterey festival when it took place. She asked to be on its board of directors (which included Smokey Robinson, Paul McCartney and Andrew Loog Oldham). It seems she was most offended when her request was declined. Early the following year, she had her revenge by joining those opposed to a second festival for June 1968. Instead of being in favour of the festival, she supported those blocking the various attempts to mount a second Monterey Pop. When you look at the influx of money to the area with all the visitors, this was a textbook case of "cutting your nose off to spite your face."