Friday, December 3, 2010

Gallatin's Restaurant, 1948

Gallatin's Restaurant in Big Sur at the south end of the Bixby Creek Bridge in August of 1948. Sometimes called Rainbow Lodge or the Alligator’s tail due to the trail leading to the ocean, was the scene of a multiple murder where five laborers lost their life from a co-worker who shot them in their bedroom. (Monterey County Herald archives)


  1. I found a Gallatin's glass in a thrift shop in L.A. Is this a rare item? I don't know when Gallatin's stopped being Gallatin's.

  2. I wonder if it was Gallatin's after my grandmother owned and ran it, probably so. I know she ran it during or just before WWII, as her son and daughter (my mother Rosalind Sharpe Wall) helped her out there. Her son died in WWII, age 19.

    1. Micaela, It's your mom's old friend Mitch! I was poking around the web to see what I could dig up on her - et voila!

      I hope that you are well, & that this message gets to you. CHEERS!

  3. The restaurant was at the NORTH end of Bixby Bridge and toppled down the cliff sometime in the early 50s. I remember it as a child growing up in Carmel. We would drive down to Nepenthe on a Sunday and the Crocodile's Tail was a good spot to stop to rest.

  4. Hi, Can anyone tell me the name of the murderer in this case at Gallatin's (Crocodile's Tail Restaurant

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  6. Murderer's name was Augustin - he killed the others one by one by first locking the top of a Dutch door exiting the kitchen, then stationing himself on the outside with a sharp knife. As each victim knelt to exit the building, Augustin cut his throat and pushed him over the side. Killed 7. I worked for Mr. Powers at his restaurant in the Stokes Adobe in the mid-1960s (as busboy served Jackie Gleason and Steve McQueen while "Soldier in the Rain" was being filmed at Ord!) At that time there were still a number of survivors working.